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A note from Karen Kwansy

I am a mother, a teacher, and a volunteer. I live in an area of Virginia Beach vulnerable to the myriad of environmental issues we face as a coastal city: sea level rise, subsidence, and more frequent and severe weather events. I have seen firsthand how communities suffer when we aren’t proactive in addressing these issues. 2019 is an opportunity for us to truly begin the work of addressing our issues as a coastal community. The goal of this page is to share ideas and insights and to keep abreast of the issues we face in terms of our economic vitality and our environmental viability.

Environmental stewardship is everyone’s responsibility.

Virginia Beach needs a robust sustainability plan. And it is essential that cities look at ways they can partner to make resiliency a priority and a reality.

There’s no doubt we must prepare for expensive solutions over the next decade.

And we must “ready” now, for the future.

Let’s keep the conversation going…

Karen’s Latest BLOG

VB Flooding – A Complex Problem

Over the past few months, promises have been made to fix our city’s flooding issues. There’s no doubt this is top priority. Flooding is a significant problem in a coastal city such as ours.