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A note from Karen Kwansy

I am a mother, a teacher, and a volunteer. I live in an area of Virginia Beach vulnerable to the myriad of environmental issues we face as a coastal city: sea level rise, subsidence, and more frequent and severe weather events. I have seen firsthand how communities suffer when we aren’t proactive in addressing these issues. 2019 is an opportunity for us to truly begin the work of addressing our issues as a coastal community. The goal of this page is to share ideas and insights and to keep abreast of the issues we face in terms of our economic vitality and our environmental viability.

Environmental stewardship is everyone’s responsibility.

Virginia Beach needs a robust sustainability plan. And it is essential that cities look at ways they can partner to make resiliency a priority and a reality.

There’s no doubt we must prepare for expensive solutions over the next decade.

And we must “ready” now, for the future.

Let’s keep the conversation going…

Karen’s Latest BLOG

The Right Candidate, The Right Time

I am proud of this campaign for a Kwasny win. We have shared far and wide the value I will provide to council and we have done so without divisiveness, without engaging in mud-slinging, and by sticking to the conviction that I am the best candidate for the Princess Anne District this election season. A key benefit I bring to City Council is action. I am a candidate with enough city volunteer experience to know how to get the information and support I need to make things happen in the best interest of the many not the few. Another value I offer is focus. We need leaders who focus on more than their own pet projects, personal agendas, or special interest groups. I am not tied to a ballot of favored names or a block to resist change. I represent the will of the community not my own or someone else’s ideas and provide a broad perspective on issues not simply the view of a few. I know that the needs and concerns of the Princess Anne district, like all other districts, are a matter of the health and well-being of the rest of the city. This is what Virginia Beach needs in its leaders today — integrity, action, and focus. I have that. Vote Karen Kwasny for City Council, Princess Anne District.