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Dear Mr Moss

In a FB post today by Councilman Moss, it was suggested the AP infrastructure resolution was a City Council achievement born of a refusal to succumb to a single- community approved, developer-lead initiative. This is not the case, nor should it ever be. City Council members never work alone. It takes community engagement to make [...]
Pungo Strawberry Festival Parade
I have attended many events in recent weeks.  But this weekend was the first time I encountered a question I want to address here as well. The question was/is: How are you different from the incumbent? #1)  I am a Proactive Leader.  Too often, the incumbent has waited until a crisis to act.  Our recent [...]
Family with Karen for City Council Sign
Karen Kwasny for City Council Signs Are Going Up! Friday date night was making signs and Sunday family day was a quality 6 hours together delivering all our signs around town.  My son took pictures, my husband unloaded the signs, and I delivered to the door.  It was a team effort that's for sure. I [...]
Karen Kwasny Kickoff Event
Our campaign kickoff was a huge success with over 150 people in attendance. Everyone enjoyed the delicious food from Beach Bully, the kids enjoyed the free petting farm, and I enjoyed talking with so many people about my campaign for the Princess Anne District seat on Virginia Beach City Council. The most frequently asked question [...]

For those in need of more information about the ARP and the value it brings to all of us, please see below. This is a new initiative to provide residents information on city items many feel “uninformed” about. From the Communications Office: In VB411, a new biweekly video series, Nancy Bloom tackles tough topics to …

Ashville Park

Feature in the Princess Anne Independent News I am excited to have my candidacy announced by the district’s best coverage, The Princess Anne Independent News. For a full understanding of my reasons for joining this race, read on! “Planning commissioner from Ashville Park running in Princess Anne District to join Virginia Beach City Council” Article …

Karen Kwasny Campaign Kickoff

The Campaign Committee of Karen Kwasny for Princess Anne District Virginia Beach City Council cordially invites you to a CAMPAIGN KICKOFF EVENT! FREE – Food and Beverage by Beach Bully FREE – Beer and Wine FREE – Petting Farm Admission 3 – 4: 30 PM – Meet and Greet 4:30 PM – Candidate Introduction 5 PM – …


ARP in Virginia Beach

Pungo Virginia Beach

When I first began working on issues in this area, I, too, thought preserving this beautiful and valuable area of Virginia Beach should be as simple as what is described in a posting on this: just get all of City Council to vote no to rezonings in the Transition Area/Rural Area that are gratuitous in …

Arial photo Little Island Park

At the Baja in Sandbridge last Thursday night to listen to concerned residents discuss roadways, beach replenishment, and the rental and real estate industries. It was a great opportunity to learn more about the issues this community faces and their desire to be recognized for their valuable contribution to our resort industry.

Virginian-Pilot plan

July 17, 2016 IN A RECENT conversation with our middle son, my husband and I emphasized the value of a life plan. I urged my son, saying, “It’s important to have a plan for your life. Yes, it will need to be adjusted as you move through the years, but the basic intent of the …