Pungo Strawberry Festival Parade
I have attended many events in recent weeks.  But this weekend was the first time I encountered a question I want to address here as well. The question was/is: How are you different from the incumbent? #1)  I am a Proactive Leader.  Too often, the incumbent has waited until a crisis to act.  Our recent [...]

For those in need of more information about the ARP and the value it brings to all of us, please see below. This is a new initiative to provide residents information on city items many feel “uninformed” about. From the Communications Office: In VB411, a new biweekly video series, Nancy Bloom tackles tough topics to …


ARP in Virginia Beach

Pungo Virginia Beach

When I first began working on issues in this area, I, too, thought preserving this beautiful and valuable area of Virginia Beach should be as simple as what is described in a posting on this: just get all of City Council to vote no to rezonings in the Transition Area/Rural Area that are gratuitous in …


Ashville Park and the ARP

Ashville Park

Ashville Park and the ARP: In 2011, I put a “for sale” sign in my yard in Court House Estates and my husband and I began looking for a place with a bit more space around us.  We took long drives out to the Virginia line and back again, trying to find a place for …