VB Flooding – A Complex Problem

Over the past few months, promises have been made to fix our city’s flooding issues. There’s no doubt this is top priority. Flooding is a significant problem in a coastal city such as ours.

Virginia Beach Stuck In Neutral

It seems Virginia Beach is stuck in neutral. Have you ever noticed that City Council elections seem to revolve around the same issues year after year? I have. Let’s put the city in gear this year!

Let’s Open the Lines of Communication

Listen up! Let’s open the lines of communication!I serve on the Virginia Beach 2040 Community Coalition. Our task is to take the city’s 2040 Vision to the community and assess our progress in meeting milestones along the path to future goals.

Virginia Beach Must be Pro Business

There’s always talk about helping small business initiatives throughout the city and lowering the BPOL that especially hurts small businesses, but rarely has anything noteworthy been done.

VB411 Focuses on the ARP

For those in need of more information about the ARP and the value it brings to all of us, please read on. This is a new initiative to provide residents information on city items many feel “uninformed” about.

ARP in Virginia Beach

When I first began working on issues in this area, I, too, thought preserving this beautiful and valuable area of Virginia Beach should be as simple as what is described in a posting on this: just get all of City Council to vote no to rezonings in the Transition Area/Rural Area that are gratuitous in relation to the plan for those areas.

Karen Beardslee Kwasny: A plan worth making | Guest Columnist | pilotonline.com

IN A RECENT conversation with our middle son, my husband and I emphasized the value of a life plan. I urged my son, saying, “It’s important to have a plan for your life.

Ashville Park and the ARP

In 2011, I put a “for sale” sign in my yard in Court House Estates and my husband and I began looking for a place with a bit more space around us. 

ITA plan revision should protect resources, encourage appropriate uses of vital areas of Virginia Beach

One night last month, a handful of concerned citizens came out to hear about a draft update to the city’s plans for the Interfacility Traffic Area, or ITA, an overlay zoning district that includes areas south of Princess Anne Road and north of Indian River Road and the North Landing River.