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I am proud of this campaign for a Kwasny win. We have shared far and wide the value I will provide to council and we have done so without divisiveness, without engaging in mud-slinging, and by sticking to the conviction that I am the best candidate for the Princess Anne District this election season. A …


High Speed Low Drag

Karen Kwasny Hign Speed Low Drag

This election season is crowded with promises and wishful thinking. Many have appeared who have never considered public office before. In some, it really shows. Their education on issues is limited to repeating what they hear others say in candidate forums. Only now are they reaching out to community members to get informed on the …

VB Flooding - A Complex Problem

Over the past few months, promises have been made to fix our city’s flooding issues. There’s no doubt this is top priority. Flooding is a significant problem in a coastal city such as ours. We must be fast acting and forward thinking. However, flooding is a complex problem and focus on singular issues is not …

Why We Are Voting For Karen Kwasny

One of the most rewarding parts of running for City Council is the positive message I’ve shared with people in the Virginia Beach Community and the positive messages they have shared with me. When so much of politics can be nasty and negative, it energizes me to meet so many who are interested in a …

Virginia Beach stuck in Neutral

It seems Virginia Beach is stuck in neutral. Have you ever noticed that City Council elections seem to revolve around the same issues year after year? I have. Let’s put the city in gear this year! As a candidate to represent you, I’ve debated my opponent, who first joined City Council 40 years ago; I …

Open lines of Communication

Listen up! Let’s open the lines of communication! I serve on the Virginia Beach 2040 Community Coalition. Our task is to take the city’s 2040 Vision to the community and assess our progress in meeting milestones along the path to future goals. During our visits with residents across the city, one of the primary concerns …

Virginia Beach must be pro business
Our campaign for City Council is going strong and candidate forums have begun in various parts of our great city. Already, I’ve been able to debate my opponents in this race and set some clear differences in our campaigns. That’s why I am able to say this without hesitation: I am the true pro-business candidate [...]
Virginia Beach City Council Elections
This is a big year for Virginia Beach City Council, with 8 of the 11 seats available for new representation. Make your voice heard! This election season is an opportunity for all of us to take Virginia Beach in the right direction. ALL VIRGINIA BEACH REGISTERED VOTERS CAN VOTE ON NOVEMBER 6th FOR ALL VIRGINIA [...]

Dear Mr Moss

In a FB post today by Councilman Moss, it was suggested the AP infrastructure resolution was a City Council achievement born of a refusal to succumb to a single- community approved, developer-lead initiative. This is not the case, nor should it ever be. City Council members never work alone. It takes community engagement to make [...]
Virginia Beach residents citywide saw how much confidence they should have in Councilwoman Henley at the June 19th City Council meeting. That confidence is understandably low. Despite a standing-room only crowd of Ashville Park residents asking for help and urging the city to implement a plan that saves several million taxpayer dollars and implements a [...]